| HAVE YOU SEEN? NEW FEATURES: Upgrades and additions to the Private Messaging / Conversations option.


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Another addition we'll take a few minutes to point out real quick. Again, the basic principles behind this work the same way as the forum(s)—each aspect can be divided down by subject, sport, or in this case, type of conversations. And, much like the "Bookmarks" options you have, it's quick and easy to set up to your liking.

First of all, a Did You Know? The Conversations options available here are live to a degree. Each conversation is automatically refreshed every 60 seconds. While it's not live, it does give you the ability to jump off of public forums for a quick conversation on the side.

For those who use the Conversations system a lot, here's a quick run down of Conversation Folders.

To separate off-forum conversations into separate categories follow the image slide show. It's very self explanatory. Just as an example, I have different folders set up for conversations with staff, tech issues, and other simple everyday jargon.

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