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Apr 5, 2006
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A few improvements in the UI (user interface) I wanted to point out real quickly.

The search options through this platform have been expanded as well as fine tuned.

  • In search, found in the navbar, on the bottom right you'll see "Advanced Search." There are two different searches, one involving several specific sites.
  • By default, you'll land on "Search Everything." You can get specific, exampled by "Search Threads," but in this case I want to point out Google search.
  • That is a site specific search engine supported through Google. These searches are pointed to reference sites, the University's athletic department and their archives, etc. It's an Alabama, sports specific and University specific, refined Google search engine.

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Light / Dark Styling.

You'll see just to the right of the search function the addition of a light bulb. (It'll be smaller soon.) A real simple process here. If you'd prefer a darker background to read in low light situations—or anytime for that matter—just click on the light bulb.

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Mark Forums Read

A small tweak to the Forum Index. Clicking on the icon with mark the forum read versus the option found in the subnav bar which marks all forums read.

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