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I had zero clue the Draft was tonight. Saw he was drafted on Instagram 2 minutes ago and looked it up. Good for him. I felt he needed another year, but glad the lottery pick will pay him well.

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I thought Herb might get a 1st round nod, but I haven’t kept up with any of the pre-draft coverage, etc…. Tennessee had 2 first rounders.

Herb Jones just got taken as the 5th pick in the second round. He's going to the Pelicans.

I was a little surprised, pleasantly surprised, that not only was Primo drafted this highly, but also that he was drafted well before Cam Thomas. That kid out of the barn still hasn't been taken yet.


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Congratulations to Primo. Would have loved to see him another year at Bama for selfish reasons but no way to blame him for making this move. It definitely paid off.


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It might be a long shot but there is a chance that Jones might start his career off playing for the Birmingham Squadron (Pelican's G-League affiliate), which would be pretty cool and I would bet a good draw for them in year one.
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