| OT Nate Oats is a basketball guy. Golf? Not. So. Much.


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I want to start by saying I'm not a great golfer. I'm a good ball striker. I have the ability to be a great golfer, but do not have the extra time. I play 6-8 times a year, shoot in the mid-high 80's. I, for the life of me cannot understand how athletic individuals cannot be better ball strikers. Those chunks are unreal, especially for a guy in good shape and athletic on top of it. I have to think the ability is there, so it always makes me wonder how so many athletic individuals can't roll out a smoother golf swing. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones.


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Coach Oates is as hard on grass as a G.O.A.T. , let’s hope that’s holds true on the court.

for those that don’t know goats can ruin a pasture by eating the grass and the root.

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Goddamnit, Nate. You're already blowing up the SEC with your style of coaching and landing big time recruits and transfers. You're the IT name in college basketball right now. Basically every big job that opened up this season fans of those teams started talking about you and Muss as the two guys they want. And now you're coming at my joy of golf? I should preface I like Nate. Great guy, friend of Barstool but he's now in the SEC.

And now he's doing this. A couple days ago the video in the tweet above started going viral. Oats just chunking a shot on the range. Been there on the course, multiple times. I blogged about it recently how I've played this game for 25+ years and finally realized I just suck and had to go get lessons again. It's demoralizing. It's not like I want to tinker with my swing or just fix something small, it's a whole revamp. Again, demoralizing when you hit that point and realize that there's no coming back on your own.

I assumed Nate Oats had the same problem as me. Can compete, but never win on the course. Break 90 from time to time, shoot in the low-mid 90s. Have a couple swings where you go okay, that's what I'm supposed to do and some swings where the ball gets topped because you swing out of your shoes and lift up. But nope. This tweet is now out there:

A hole in one! Are you fucking kidding me, man? Not only that, but you get people around you and a camera to taunt the guy who tweeted out you chunking it? That's the dream. I've had two shots that I thought were going in for an ace. Both in Cincinnati - put it to about a foot at Legendary Run and hit the pin at Sharon Woods. Never been more nervous for a birdie putt than those. But also never had a feeling like that. It's one thing when you're golfing with a couple buddies and you have to go word of mouth. Having a camera there to talk shit? That's the dream.

I just don't know where you go from here if you're Nate Oats or anyone who hit a hole in one. How do you keep chasing that high when you already achieved it? One day I'll find out. One day.


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This happened at NRYC, #6. It can be an intimidating hole especially when there's a head wind (99.9% of the time it seems.)

¾ 6i, low draw.