FTBL LSU at Auburn: 'We're going to have to throw the ball to win the game," says QB Joe Burrow


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I think more than anything they are going to have to grind it out with their running game and keep Auburn's offense off the field. Auburn has the ability, the ability, to score fast. Can't let them get out too far ahead like they did against Georgia and us last year, cause it is hard to catch up, even though LSU did it last year early in the season. This will be a fun game. Gonna have to snake out of my nephew's second birthday party to make sure I catch this one. Freaking 2 o'clock party.


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LSU was a 7 point underdog last year and managed to win the game 27-24 with only 157 yds on the ground...but this game is in Jordan Hare.


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hate the boogs but my gut tells me they win this one by around 17 points. Burrow very well may get his world rocked if he keeps holding that ball


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I could see some of that damn Barner voodoo happening. How many of you recall that old Jefferson Pilot game where LSwho jumped out to a big lead in Jordan Hare then threw like 3-4 consecutive picks in the 4th quarter and LOST!!! Most Barner game ever!!
you know, they have some of the best luck than any other team i know. not only that game, but the 2 games back in '13 against us and uga. but that's how they win a lot of their games....sheer luck.


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I think barn and LSU are evenly matched in this one. Barn lost their edge against Washington when they should have been able to pull away. I’m not sold on their ability to run the ball, and if stidham has to win it more or less on his own, I think LSU hangs within 10 and maybe wins.

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