| FTBL Looks like another new rule coming and this one should be on the books. QB's faking their slide.


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Yep, I agree. Heard about it, but just saw it now for the first time. You gotta throw a 15 yarder there, because you're asking defensive players to respond in a micro-second, but now you're letting offensive players fake that and capitalize. That's unfair and should be penalized. That or make it legal to hit quarterbacks again.


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I agree that should not be allowed. You told the defense that you can’t hit a sliding qb and he does that?
It’s the same with QB’s faking spiking the ball. If a D-lineman fires off the snap and chest punches an O-lineman flags will fly if the QB actually spikes it. If he doesn’t and the QB runs a play he’s caught flat footed.
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