Baseball Look at the breaking action on this pitch....another one

Y'all are in my head. But like I used to tell my catchers and pitchers. If you hit your spot, strike or not, that ump, 90% of the time, will give it to you.


Wow...hope he wasnt calling those strikes all day?!?!?!? That was terribly outside. Ump was just impressed withe movement,


Attention Whore
A few things: looks like video game. Amazing movement on 97?mph fb. Maddux had that kind of movement but he rarely broke 90. It looks as if the ball gains speed over last 10-12ft even though that would defy physics. What I’m most amazed by though is how you throw 97 with what appears to be very little effort. I threw 89-92 pretty consistently way back when, but this looks like someone warming up. Incredible arm talent!