| NEWS Les Miles harassment settlement uncovered during LSU's probe into their handling of sexual assault cases


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You aren't the only one who sees the timeline here. Their fan base was broken that night in New Orleans. It appears it did a number on Les as well.
For sure LSU but you could say the same for UT, UF and the Barners. Any team that thinks more highly of themselves than they should, have been susceptible. Is UGA on that path? Maybe if they can't get over the hump in a year or two. May be harder for them to drop off the edge because the recruiting has been much closer to Bama than the others. I have A&M in the back of my head also but still TBD on them. Certainly was that under Sumlin.

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I think we can all agree that it looks like some bad stuff happened and some powerful people helped keep it quiet for various reasons. That’s not good and must be (and will be) dealt with. But when the pitchfork and torch mob starts doing stuff like this, I’m out.



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