| FTBL "Last year was a rebuilding year"


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He ain't lying. I think this year we are ready to rip some head's off folks. Saban has been a little more edgy with his words this off-season and I think that loss to Georgia when we had it in our hands for three quarters really has him motivated and pissed off. He knew he had a team to win it last year and didn't, so he's not wasting a failure like he likes to say. He's gonna have these boys ready this Fall.


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What's really amazing is, it truly was a rebuilding year. The 2021 team was essentially a whole new team. The "disappointment" of 2021 culminated in a second consecutive SEC Title and Heisman winner and nearly a repeat national championship. The season had some stinkers, but at the end of the day, 18 points was all that separated that young, inexperienced team from being undefeated for a second straight year.


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Lots of posts here about 21 being a rebuilding year. Enjoy the ride because it won't always be that "we almost repeated NC in rebuilding year".
It just won’t always be that way … it will very rarely be that way! You and I were blessed to have lived through the greatest two periods of Bama football. In our lifetimes, the Tide has won 13 undisputed NC’s …13 in 60 years! That’s a NC every 4.6 years. I seriously doubt I’ll live to see another Coach Bryant or Coach Saban type of dynasty but the good news is the Saban run isn’t over yet!


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When you're Nick Saban, anything less than a National Championship just won't do. He is the most perfection-seeking person I've ever seen. Sometimes, I just don't understand why some people don't get the way he is. He want's to win.....ALWAYS. It is literally the reason the game is played; to score more points than your opponent. And I'll never understand why some players won't buy in to his system. It's not like he doesn't know what he's doing. If you, as a player, just listen to him and do what he says, it'll all work out in the end.

Yes, he's not perfect (nobody is), but that doesn't mean he can't get pissed when the record isn't perfect.
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