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Jul 16, 2013
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Assist to McClellan from Amari Kight, a Thompson grad. Great to see him on the field!


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Oct 16, 2004
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This is the first time watching Bama on the SEC Network. It was behind from what you guys were posting. During a commercial I went out and back in to catch up with you guys. Then it happen again had to do the same thing. Both time I did this, it would jump big time.

By the way, Those Cats quit playing way before that INT TD!


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Jul 28, 2015
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Key notes:
Crimson Tide offense tallied 509 total yards, with 283 of those coming through the air and 226 on the ground.
Balanced Offense.

Kentucky only had 121 yards of total offense and couldn't even get in end zone. Defense kept
Kentucky to 27 yards in second half, all of it rushing.
Kentucky Defense is real good. I don't know why Kentucky didn't open up their passing game, but they can't do that
against elite teams.

Pick X by Jordan Battle changed the outcome of the game. Before that play, We were struggling on offense,
throwing interception and 2 punts.

Bryce Young's Touchdown pass was dangerous throw.

Jase McClellan and Roydell Williams showed us that they can get the job done. I think we will see them again next week.

Everyone is on Dylan's butt for not recording tackle, but I am pretty sure it's not 100 percent on him.

Go look at the stats, and you will see Harris 11 tackles, Wright and Battle combining for 13 tackles
Mathis 5 tackles, Young 4 tackles....

It means DT are doing their job. They are getting there before LBs are there. Moses' job is to make sure everyone is lined up correctly
and as I repeated, Defense limited to 27 yards in 2nd half.. I would say Mose did his job. We have to back off on him...

He's not coming back next year, and he'll be drafted in 1st 2 rounds...He'll do fine in NFL.

Mac had good night, but he got greedy with deep ball that was intercepted. I don't know why he keeps throwing the ball short. I mentioned that before the bye week, and
everyone keeps saying that he probably is tired and should be fine after the break. Two weeks later and he is still doing that.

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