| FTBL Josh Pate On Nick Saban Blowing Up College Football


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That’s an amazing fun fact I did not know … since Saban came to Bama in 2007, the SEC West has had more coaches than Bama has loses. Wow! And I agree with his contention that over half of “the problems with college football” which have led to the transfer portal, NIL, league expansion, playoffs, etc. are Saban’s fault for winning so much. One thing’s for certain … Saban and Bama have impacted college football more than any other program. Yet, they’ve done so in good ways … impacting lives beyond football by teaching young men how to be accountable and how to stretch themselves further than they thought possible. Saban’s players go to class and they graduate at rates close to the Duke’s and Northwestern’s. They make all Americans on the field and in the classrooms. His players have signed contracts worth over a billion dollars which will forever change the direction of their lives and those of their families. What a great legacy.
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