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Jonah Williams talks Tua's 'stitch job'

Because of the high ankle sprain he sustained during the SEC Championship Game, Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had to undergo a surgery that Williams feels like every member of the Crimson Tide has gone through, including himself.

“We call it a stitch job, Williams said. “Throw some wires in there, and you know. I know Cam (Robinson) had it, and he was back in seven or eight days getting ready for LSU in 2015.”

Saban said last Sunday surgery and recovery is normally about a two-week deal. Alabama plays Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl on Dec. 29. That’s a little more than three weeks away.

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We all hoping it going to be just two week! But the way Tua plays he will be playing in a bout 7-8 days like Robinson.


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regardless if he's ready to go full-speed by the 29th, at least we have a former starter who can take the wheel and knows how to win games.

as someone alluded to in another thread, i think we had our one game where shit goes wrong (and still won) and got it out of our system. OK is a good team with a good offense, but i'm sure they haven't played against a defense like ours.
Sure hope #13 progresses well from his injury. I am concerned about his decision making process that has regressed these last several games. He used to move pretty quick to dumping to a back if things weren't to his liking down the field. Now he takes a sack or grounds the ball in addition to the sack. This lull is so unlike his 1st 3/4 of the year.
Jalen's ankle was injured in the TN game it certainly took him more the two weeks. Hopefully Tua is a fast healer.
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Lets be honest... OU is putting in a game plan for their offense to score at will against our defense.

For them to be putting in any gameplan against our offense with their defense is just plain unrealistic.

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