| FTBL John Metchie III declares for the NFL Draft.


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Out of all of the announcements, this one surprised me the most.

Just looking at the difference in where a guy is likely to be drafted compared to where a guy could be drafted after a good next season, IMO he had the biggest upside to come back. I'll be real interested to see what his stock looks like in the mock, but it feels like it's in those mid rounds? He could have been a top 2-3 WR in next year's class with a returning Bryce and being the clear #1.

Maybe my perspective/judgement is off, but it feels like Battle & Young probably had as good or better stock post injury?

But ultimately everyone has different wants & needs. JM3 may really need to have that income ASAP. And something I can really understand is the concern of coming back and being injured again... That's a legit concern. Credit to @TerryP who's been saying all year that he's likely out regardless... He def had this one pegged!


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I mean he's a great player. He just doesn't strike me as someone going in the 1st this year (which is bad, this years draft is pretty down). I too feel he could've helped his stock coming back but gotta make your own path and wish him the best of luck at the next level hopefully he can prove people wrong.
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