| PRO Jalen Hurts Senior Bowl commemorative helmet will be ½ Bama, ½ OU


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Few (not sure how many) QB have a conference championship as a starter at multiple schools in multiple conferences. He seems to be the first to start playoff games at two different schools. His won a National Championship at one school (that he graduated from also) and came in second in Heisman voting at the other. Anyone questioning if they have to do it for every player who transfers is avoiding the obvious answer. Hurts is special in a ton of ways other transfers never will be.


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Peolpe who attend the game need to be cheering their ass off for this young-man . He did it all right with no public selfishness . His parents are probably so proud of the way things went down and their son shined when everyone was watching... kudos


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i will always respect Jalen for what he did for our program (yes, i say "our" because i have given to the program in the way of tickets, merchandise, and concessions...so there :p ).

he was a leader at 2 top-tier schools (kind of cringed a little bit when i typed that, tbh...considering the other one is...well, you know) and took both of them to the playoffs. i would much rather have seen them in the championship game than lsu. i would've actively cheered for him; and i hate he went out with a loss.

but i predict great things for his future and i honestly hope all of his dreams, and more, come true.

ROLL TIDE Jalen!!! you'll always be a part of BAMA and part of a legacy that you helped to build.


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Very classy young man. Impressed me on and off the field. Most would not handle themselves with this much class had we lost our job the way Jaylen did. An impressive young man.

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I agree Jalen's situation is unique, in terms of the magnitude of his contributions to two schools. It's the Senior Bowl, which is, publicity-wise, the post-season equivalent to a minor league baseball team operating on a shoestring budget. The split helmet was done for publicity, and it's generating it.


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