FTBL Jalen Hurts is taking his talents to Oklahoma


HEY Get up your killing the grass!
He should have been put in the third quarter at the first possession. Bone head decision to keep on doing things that didn't work.


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Cant see where Oklahoma would be bad choice....well, except its in Oklahoma....
Play vs big 12 Ds....and good smart HC....no competition except incoming freshman.....
Oklahoma is bringing in a five star in Spencer Rattler that will definitely be competing for the starting job as he was the Elite 11 winner and a pretty good player.


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If Jalen ended up at the barn or the viles I would not be happy. To me it would diminish is time at bama. Sorry I just despise those to teams them that much. I actually dislike UT more than the barn. I am sure I would eventually get over it but it would take awhile.
Dunno how. What he does his final year of eligibility at another University has no bearing on what he did at Alabama.

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