| OT I've never paid attention to UA's Homecoming Queen, even while in school, but Montana Fouts 'run' this season?


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I don’t know who else is running, but she’ll get a lot of votes.

If I remember correctly, candidates are “sponsored” by a campus organization (Fraternity, sorority, club). Those organizations usually get their members to recruit votes for their candidate (or in the case of fraternities and sororities, their members are mandated to vote for their candidate). It’s a major PR win if the candidate wins.


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Not sure how many SAAC sponsored athletes have won, I'd guess very few... but you have to like her chances.
I looked through a list that ran through '16 and didn't see a name I recognized from the SAAC: it was one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind as well.

I seem to remember a football player being elected "King;" Lane Bearden maybe (or this is just a figment of my imagination.)

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Hell, lets re-enroll!
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