| FTBL It's Meltdown Time (special Bama edition)


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😆 Guess we need to get pointers from fans of other teams
Well, to be fair, over the past 14/15 years fans from other teams have had much more practice at it than Bama fans have experienced. I'm not complaining, but to see a team with this much talent lose a game where the experts have them favored by 18 points is extremely disappointing.

Still...ROLL TIDE!


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Best line I ever read on there was about 8 years ago. It was either a Texas or aTm fan.

Said, " I would rather have anal fissures, and a lemon juice soaked pine cone shoved up my ass, as opposed to watching this team right now."



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I saw somewhere where someone posted "Golding must have some serious dirt on CNS". You know....I've kind of wondered that myself. How else does that clown keep a job? Anyone else would have been history after the 2019 season. Makes you wonder how he of all people is surviving
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