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I wonder if Mac is becoming so dependent on Devonta, now that Waddle is gone, that it will be hard to adjust if/when a secondary is able to cover Devonta. It seems like it would be good to distribute the ball to different guys, but on the other hand, if Devonta is open 30+ yards downfield, then how can you not throw it to him.


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In spite of all the Waddle talk Smith has been the #1 receiver in Bama's offense all season. If Waddle would have taken every snaps Bolden did against Tennessee he'd still have been third (based on number of snaps per game.) Metchie would have had about 10 more than Waddle.

Mac did make the comment last night that everytime he looks to Smith he's likely open. If it's single coverage he's more than likely going that direction.


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I'm not sure why he zeroed in on Devonta last night. But I will say that he tried a couple of long passes to Metchie and they just didn't connect. They kept holding Metchie to keep him from getting away. If they had connected on those passes then Metchie's stats would have looked better.


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We will find out because at some point they will at least slow down Smith and take their chances with the other guys. At this point the D-coordinators still seem to underestimate Smith OR Sark is doing a great job moving him so he gets a favorable match up. Having the threat of Waddle made the D coordinators job much harder. Now they may devise a plan but in the end they have to be able to execute it. Only a couple of teams out there in my view that will be able to do that. Those will be the ones that this team will be measured against.

It is always better to spread the ball around to put more stress on the defense. With that said it is hard not to go to #6 because he is so clutch and well prepared. I think we need one WR to step up big time then get the RB and TE some passes which they are doing. #22 is a real threat in the passing game with the possible mismatches he would create.

It is going to take the team a few games w/o Waddle to find the formula.


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I do think Mac forced a few throws on the long ball when Metchie was double covered. But he stopped that during the second half.

But just a thought on that is just because he didn't connect on some of those throws it made the defense respect the space to defend because it is a shot across the bow saying that we are going to go for it. And we connected on a few of those for a TD. Mac just has to protect the ball & there was one time when he threw into double coverage & you could seen Saban staring him down after that. Clearly he was coached up at half time.


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I totally understand the point of this thread, and sometimes agree. BUT, if the guy is open the guy is open. Smith is just amazing, and may be the most dominant receiver since Amari Cooper. Ridley, Jeudy and Ruggs were good, but they never became the complete package like Cooper and Smith. Those three could get open, but were more deep pass catches to me or guys that would find space and get there for a pass. Coop and Smith contested a lot of jump balls and won, come back to save the quarterback, could go deep, go across the middle, take hitch routes to the house, and on top of all that they could freaking block. Smith will pass Cooper for all-time touchdown receptions and likely go down quietly as one of the best we've ever had. Blake Sims had to look for Amari Cooper and therefor we were so relient you knew it was coming. Tua and Mac haven't been forced to use Davonta, yet they do because he makes the plays regardless of attention or focus.


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D. Smith has been the man for three years. The media was forgetting about him. He can take the top off any defense.

Loosing Waddle hurts but as long as D Smith is there they must bracket him leaving the other guys open. If they dont and they cover him on an island he will be unstopable.

Slade is going to be great and get a lot of catches and lots of YAC.

Metchie is going to be a beast. That dude aint skeerd to go up and grab it.


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I don’t believe so , he has targeted Metchie several times ... And if the man is constantly two yards past the coverage then he would be a fool not to capitalize.... But I do believe that Mac is aware of the record for Smith and making a conscious effort to make sure he gets it over and done with .


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I wouldn’t say dependent on him. I’d say that a lot of the routes have Smitty as the #1 or #2 read and therefore, you are going to see more thrown his direction. Sark is doing an outstanding job of using Smitty a lot like what Kiffin did with Amari.

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I saw him miss seeing the more open receiver, got lucky on one throw that could've been an INT and Devonta or Metchie played good defense on another potential INT. I think many QBs have their favorites. McCarron and Norwood had a special connection. The winning LSU drive was all Norwood. A missed PI call, or Norwood not being interfered with, and there's no need for a Yeldon screen.


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