| CURRENT EVENTS Is if fair to assume the Democrats don't want a debate?


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Let Joe speak freely. He isn't sure what office he is running for or even that he isn't going to beat himself in November. The real question is who his VP candidate will be. We aren't sure Joe will make it to Inauguration Day so we gotta like his VP or he loses.


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i think they'll try to control the debate by giving him the answers to the questions they want asked. and those questions and answers will be suited to make him look smarter than he is and keep him from using his own thoughts. they know...with absolute certainty...that if he's allowed to go free-range, he'd get his ass handed to him. so they'll want to control every aspect of the debate so he doesn't sound like he usually does. and i have no doubt they'll want certain topics/questions banned simply because they know they have no real answers for them. and i wish, hope, and pray that the Republicans tell them to "eff off" and let's get this thing going with some real questions that make it very difficult for the democrats to run and hide.

but the thing is...does he stick to the script? or does he get frustrated enough to go off on his own and try to stay in the fight with his own words? or does he stay with what he's been told?


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If we do have debates, I believe P Trump will needle and frustrate Biden until he looks foolish, should be easy.
Will Biden cheat in the debates? Did HRC cheat? Did Donna Brazille supply her questions?