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Some quick update news to an addition we've enabled with the new upgrade.

The use of Smilies and Emoji's isn't something that is going to be new to anyone. How easily they are used now is another story.

A few quick "how to" pointers.

1) There is an EmojiOne Cheat Sheet here you can refer to for future reference. You'll see, literally, 10's of 100's of different Emoji's available for use.

2) There are a few ways you can insert these images—the drop down menu in your Editor's Toolbar or by using the built in search that works in the same way another new feature, Markdown, works within our platform.

2A) If you'll click on the Emoji's icon in the Toolbar, you'll see the entire list along with the search options. It's a simple scroll and choose from that point.​
2B) In the search area, if you were to enter flag you'll quickly refine your search.​
2C) Working on the same idea as the addition of the Markdown syntax, the editor will bring up your options quickly. Using the syntax, if you were to enter :gri it'll automatically enable a tool-tip which brings up your options. Here's a quick demonstration:​
That's right, we now show you emoji and smilie suggestions as you type 🙂 Often this can be more convenient than opening up your smilies or device emoji keyboard and the fact that it gives you all of your smilies and emojis in one place is very, er... 🙌y...

As soon as the editor detects [B]:[/B] followed by a couple of letters, it starts searching the entirety of your emojis and smilies for something that matches and returns you the results. You can then pick the desired smilie/emoji using your keyboard or with a click/tap.

This new addition to the features also ties directly in to the "Reactions" upgrade. You've already been using the "Like" function for sometime now. Over the next few hours that'll be expanding as well. More on that to come later.

Any question, comments, or ideas...feel free to jump in.

As always, we appreciate your participation here at RTB.com
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