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As you've probably seen over the last week or so we've also upgraded the "Like's" system we had in place with our last platform and have moved to a new "Reactions" scoring system.

A few things to point out about the new features:


If you're on a mobile device, if you'll hold your finger/cursor over the "Like" button you'll see the additional options displayed. If you're on laptop or desktop, placing your cursor over the "Like" symbol will also activate the pop-up.

You're now given six different option on reacting to threads and posts. These are "weighted" as well offering different point values depending on your selection.

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As we continue to add new features and options for members we'll also be instituting different permissions along the way. A portion of the permissions granted will be based off of reaction scores.

Your reaction score is listed in your user info box directly under your username. It's activated by the drop down arrow.

View attachment 10887 Just click on the drop down arrow to release the information.
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As always...questions and comments are welcomed.


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