| MBB/WBB In wake of the Howard mess I've seen several suggest getting rid of the post game handshake line. Tom Izzo on the subject is refreshing.


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Love it. People just love taking the easy way out anymore. Instead of looking their problems or issues in the face, they go around them. If they are forced to face their concerns/fears/problems, it's everyone else's fault. This is just a lack of accountability and professionalism is all it is. It just amazes me that there are people out there making millions of dollars that act like bigger children than...actual children.

It's funny because Howard tries blaming it on his upbringing. I have to question if The Blacktop and The Cages on the Southside are fighting over a late game time out or if they are calling no fouls on NFL type body hits? You know, he was raised tough, but this powderpuff attitude over a timeout call speaks different.


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Sure glad we have a coach that believes in handshakes



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He wasn't leaving State. I can't really remember all of the story. I know how Kirsten was at the time. Thug.

I suspect if he actually did get that hint from her she's was ... how to put this?

A year before starting her relationship with Setas, she became a part of an altercation that lead to a lawsuit. She was accused of brutally beating up one of her sorority sisters following a verbal exchange. She was posting about an issue they had on Facebook which prompted the other to confront her in her room. The lawsuit was later dismissed, as the judge ruled the case as Kristen only acting in self-defense.

Then this one:


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My son played varsity high school lacrosse here in GA and their team was mediocre. They lost more than they won over 4 seasons. No matter win or lose and by how much they all got in line and did the handshake line. Im sure plenty of times the boys didn't want anything to do with it, but they did it.
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