| OT In all sports (pro and collegiate,) why do you dislike a particular team? (split from ATL Braves thread.)


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So funny to read reasons why people don't like teams.

Ted Turner hasn't had anything to do with the Braves since 1996.

I'm a big Braves fan and I am fortunate enough to get to attend some games each year. It was the first MLB team I ever got to see in person when we moved from Birmingham to Atlanta. The Dale Murphy/ Bob Horner era.

I am a University of Alabama Alumni and I am also a veteran. I understand the whole Jane Fonda thing, but like I said initially Ted Turner hasn't been involved with the Braves since the mid-90's. New owners, a beautiful new park, and a decent team.


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So funny to read reasons why people don't like teams.
Man, this brings in a lot of teams.

I'll start with the NFL. I used to be a big Dallas fan, until ...

Landry and his guys gets pushed out by Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. The latter two I don't have a good impression of...well, let's just say "don't like." Johnson, a hell of a coach, but he can't wash off the stench that is Miami. Jerry, a very successful guy I respect for his business acumen, but nonetheless his association with Johnson and his general demeanor.

MLB and ATL? Growing up in Huntsville it was the "thing to be," a Braves fan. I've always ran from cliques like that. The "support your local team" excuse fell on deaf ears: they're in Georgia for god's sake.


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I'm a big time Cardinals fan I can not tell you how many games of the week I missed out on watching due to the braves being the regional team.
Plus their fans are the most fair weathered in all of sports.