| HAVE YOU SEEN? šŸŽ„ Improvements and additions to adding videos and images to your post (along with new editing features.)


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Here's another "Have You Seen" addition to the new features we've added during the latest upgrade.

Two things to point out I'll do over the next two posts:

One, how to upload videos from your phone or computer directly to the site without having to upload to a third party host (IE: YouTube, Vimeo, et. al.)
Two, improvements added to uploading and inserting images within your post.

For more of our latest features follow the link and see "Have You Seen!"



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This is nothing new. It's working on the same principles as uploading images you have saved on your computer.

It's very simple with videos. Whether you have them saved on your phone (IE: videos taken at sporting events or anything you're doing) or videos you've saved on your computer, it's just a matter of clicking the "Insert Video" and following instructions from that point on.

It's an easy drag and drop or you have the option to click the box, then upload directly from your documents, videos, pictures, etc.


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If you'd like you're more than welcomed to test out these features within this thread or on the FAQ/Site help section here on RTB.

After you have uploaded the image(s) all that's needed is to click on the picture for the image editor functions to appear. Here's a brief diagram of the improvements to the image options.

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