| TV/MOVIES "I’m sad to say that my father, Jerry Stiller, passed away from natural causes. "

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This was horrible way to start a Monday. Jerry Stiller, by every account I've read over the years, was one of the nicest men anyone could ever meet and yet when in front of the camera, he was loudmouthed, short-tempered, rage-filled buffoon. That's not just acting; that's having fun acting!

We know that Frank Costanza had a foot odor problem. We also know that Frank learned the hard way that the chicken and the hen are one in the same; we can only hope he lost his dread of the perverse rooster. Furthermore, we know that being a chef in the Korean War taught a valuable lesson about use-by dates and over seasoning. I hope God doesn't wanna piece of Frank ("Are you saying you wanna piece of me??") and doesn't dare try to keep him off that shuffleboard because he's moving in, lock, stock and barrel.
:) God, he'll be in the pool; he's going to be in the clubhouse.

And above all, on 23 Dec, you'll see Festivus memes and gifs light up Facebook and Twitter because of this...supercilious man who apparently did have an eye for fashion and loved his cabana wear.
My favorite Frank Costanza moment comes at the end of this montage: The panicked look in his eyes and shaking of his head. No more "Serenity now!"s will do...