| LIFE I’m not an antivaxxer by any means, but this clip shows the arrogance of the medical community when their talking points are contradicted by hard data


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The man (in the audience) is right. And, yes, people want to antagonize and blame doctors and others in the medical field. Know why? Because it's kind of their damn job to know what the hell they're putting into people's bodies and to know what they're trying to talk people into getting because of some new, scary, super-deadly, world-ender virus (spoiler alert.....it's not).

All I've heard this whole time that Covid has been around has been "Trust the science". Well, people trusted it and now they're dead. The damn vaccine has killed quite a few people, on its own.

And OK, he wants to help kids. That's a wonderful thing. Most people want to do the same thing. But when the stuff you're pushing is killing people, including kids, then maybe don't push it until ALL the facts are out. And maybe wait for more research to be done until you start pushing people to get some new, exciting vaccine to combat some new, exciting virus.

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I'm not an anti-vaxxer. And I'm not going to tell people to either get it or not get it. People should make up their own minds about it. But I don't trust the science, right now.

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The vax industry is a huge revenue stream. Remember the Texas gov a few years ago was going to make a shot mandatory for school age children that had just hit the market. Shit hit the fan and he crawfished. I read a blurb that Fauci’s name is on the Moderna c19 jab. Hmmmm surely it isn’t about money.

Biden and his HHS secretary are soon to send teams door to door. Perhaps most on here are still unaware of that little wrinkle.


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Meanwhile, the Vaers report continues to monitor deaths from side effects of the vaccine, which are at time of writing approaching 10,000 in the U.S. alone, with in excess of 438,000 adverse reactions also reported.

I believe the swine flu vax was yanked after about 500 deaths but they are going to send health squads door to door. Are you asking yourself what is the real agenda?
To ask for my AR while they're there. :p


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