| FOOD I tend to go hot and cold on chips. I don't think I've bought any in two months. HOWEVER...


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I'll be looking for these.


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Bought a can at Publix on Thursday. Good stuff. Was going to pick up a couple more yesterday because we had several folks over for a cookout and I was buying several bags of chips, and they were out.

At one time, Wendy's had a fantastic spicy chicken sandwich. At some point several years ago, they changed it up (at least around here) and it was awful. I haven't had one of theirs since the chicken sandwich war started up though, I assume it's changed once again... would have to be for the better. Supposedly new Burger King chicken sandwiches are really good, but I'll likely never know. Can't remember the last time I ate at a Burger King (probably when I was at UA and they were the only place open in the Ferg).
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