| LIFE I lost my little buddy MoJoe


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HEY Get up your killing the grass!
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I've seen some really good looking ones...cute puppies, for damn sure.

Sorry to hear about this. 2020, right?
Sorry to hear that. Losing a pet sucks.
Yep it sucks because it was so sudden. He got sick on Tuesday. We took him to the vet on Wednesday and she called us within an hour and said the tumor has spread from his liver to his lungs. It was a very sad day Wednesday. Here is one of the few pics I had of him. Thanks for the thoughts.

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Sorry brother. We lost our Daisy earlier this year. About 4 months later we felt called to rescue a puppy that was about 1-2 days away from death. Malnourished, ridden with intestinal parasites and mistreated. That was 11 days ago, Mini Pearl Jam required almost 24/7 parenting the first 6 days. She went from 3 to 4lbs in the last week.

I said all that, I guess because we had Daisy for 14 yrs and I’m sure some little critter will need you soon too.