| OT I guess Mark Cuban is the "most woke" owner now...


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Sportscenter, ESPN, this morning: Their crawler says "the decision was based on dialoged in the community." Yet, no one knew they hadn't been playing the anthem all season?

No one knew...but it's a community decision?

Cuban's comment on First Take was one that raised the ol' eyebrows. When referring to those who are "pro-flag" ... "for those that want to pray to it, or salute it..."

"Pray to the flag?" I didn't realize the disconnect between the "two sides" was that large.

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If you're so anti-American that you refuse to play our National Anthem, then you need to get the fuck out of MY country and don't EVER come back.

Yes, you have a right to not play the National Anthem. Just as someone has the right to burn the American flag. But that also gives me the right to call you a commie bastard and to defend that flag and give you shit for it.

Looks like the NBA has realized they better get Cuban back in line. They played the Anthem last night. Still, that's not a league I'll ever watch.