FTBL Hypothetical Alabama-UCF National Championship line likely to make Knights fans irate


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Hypothetical Alabama-UCF National Championship line likely to make Knights fans irate

This is just adding fuel to the Central Florida fire, but it may also be a dose of reality the Knights need down the stretch of this season.

A hypothetical line released by Todd Fuhrman via Dave Mason of BetOnline.ag suggests that Alabama would be a 31-point favorite over UCF in a potential national championship game. Not only is Alabama a two-touchdown favorite against any other contender outside of Clemson, this Vegas line has the Knights as 31-point underdogs.

UCF AD Danny White has been a consistent critic of the college football system that has kept the Knights from competing in the College Football Playoff. While UCF has a strong winning streak, its weak schedule is repeatedly called into question.

White has ranted against a host of college football figures, including ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, who recently called out the Knights on College GameDay. White responded with a lengthy Twitter post.

Some fans have pointed out that Alabama recently doubled the spread on the road at LSU in a 29-0 victory, and this game would be on a neutral field thousands of miles from either campus.

It’s unclear how long this feud will continue with White leading the charge, but it appears to have legs until the Knights suffer a loss.

don’t see how they can even argue any point when they have played just two teams with a winning record and they are both just above 500 and they play in a conference that is a joke or at best a basketball conference ...
Bama minus 31.....u kidding me....that line would move drastically and fast...
Might be first half.... their D is worse than many Bama has played and Bama put 50+ on those... i hope they get a real SEC ( not KY but a Lsu or big 12 Oklahoma) team n bowl...
Then we will see
I think any UCF / Bama talk makes Bama fans more irate.... Especially after they beat Auburn last year. JMO
Let's see. UCF beats Auburn (34-27) who beat Alabama (26-14). It's the same as the 2018 Michigan vs. ND ranking question. I wish they would stop bringing up the hypothetical questions that can't/won't ever be answered.


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There is 0% chance they get in but I want them to. It doesn't matter who they play in the semifinals, even Notre Dame would skull drag UCF, but if Alabama played them it would be like putting a toddler in the ring with prime Mike Tyson. I would love it and I would say that blood is on the UCF AD's hands.

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