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30% of Talladega County are still without power, including us. Walmart is closed again today and possibly tomorrow. A post said that they had to throw out all of there meat and dairy, since it had gone so long without refrigeration and they would need to restock.

I know what it is like to have to clean out the dairy and freezer. In my going on 25 years at wallyworld, we have had to do it twice. First was some years ago while still at a super center. That was quite a mess. After that they went ahead and installed a backup generator for next time it happened. Then again recently after Hurricane Sally. This was at a neighborhood market. Ugh, I may move to get away from that.

As far as Zeta, third time having to clean the yard of all the limbs.😤


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I need to come get my first turkey over there!
I've lived here on my father in laws 500+ acres for 22 years now and I haven't killed the first turkey. I'm more into deer hunting and fishing. Father in law has 2 stocked lakes, one at 7+ acres and a smaller one with catfish, T150 Largemouth, and bluegills.


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Gobble gobble, taken Saturday about 4 miles down the road from our place.