| FTBL How's our injury status going to be for secondary on the 31st?


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Penalties aside, the secondary was really impressive. Got to give #3 credit as he's shown some huge improvements since the beginning of last season... Just seems so much more solid and consistent. I'm assuming Branch has moved into taking Moore's snaps and Wright moved into that dime type of role... But both those guys have been awesome. Branch is probably in the convo for UA's best DB this season.... He's really held that group together in a lot of ways!

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Was wondering the same thing. I know he had a really bad game against the Barn but he was not the only one. Do not recall seeing him out their against the puppies.

I don't recall seeing him in at all, not even one play.

Injured his back a few games ago... not sure if it's a lingering issue (backs can be problematic to get right) or a performance issue or maybe a bit of both...


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I don't recall seeing him in at all, not even one play.
Not in the stats.


Inidividual Defensive Statistics Categories:GeorgiaAlabama
Alabama - Individual Defensive Statistics
D. Hellams639-/--/---/31-01--
Henry To'oTo'o718-/--/---/-----
Josh Jobe617-/--/---/-----
Jordan Battle426-/--/---/-1-42--1
W. Anderson Jr.3362.0/81.0/6--/----1
C. Harris325-/--/---/-----
Tim Smith2350.5/1-/---/-----
K. McKinstry314-/--/---/-----
DJ Dale1340.5/3-/---/-----
Brian Branch-33-/--/---/--2--
Byron Young1230.5/--/---/-----
Drew Sanders1120.5/2-/---/-----
P. Mathis1121.0/11.0/1--/-----
Daniel Wright1-1-/--/---/-----
Trey Sanders1-1-/--/---/-----
Dallas Turner1-11.0/101.0/10--/----1
Demouy Kennedy1-1-/--/---/-----
LaBryan Ray----/--/---/----1
Chris Braswell----/--/---/----1
Justin Eboigbe----/--/---/--1--

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Not in the stats.

He's been limited to special teams the last couple weeks. It's a somewhat similar situation to what we've seen with Drew Sanders and Dallas Turner. Sanders could have played more on defense to close out the season if needed, but Turner has played well enough to not force it. Like Branch has played really well in front of Moore.


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Hope we get some of these guys back to 100%. Added depth and just make us stronger. Of course other teams will get healthier also.

Not part of this thread but wanted to mention it really looks like Hellams has played his best ball the last couple of games. Good time for him to be doing this.
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