| FTBL How will things shake up after the FR. arrive in the Fall?

How will things shake up after the FR. arrive in the Fall?

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I voted "Huge impact" but that may be overstaing a little. I voted that way because I feel like a couple will probably start, and a few more will get a lot of PT.


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I voted team will be determined by A day simply on the basis that I hope that we will not need starting freshman. I just feel better (feeling may not come w/ logic) about them being redshirted. To rationalize it...1st it brings to question what have the players been doing. Do they not think they can be replaced? 2nd. We need our stables more full. I'm tired of injuries that criple our team. If an injury occurs we replace him w/ a foaming at the mouth redshirt that practiced like they should a been there anyway...

Thats my two cents worth, even though it may be worth a peso to some of ya...!!!


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Smith will prob be at LT and maybe another freshman on the O-line. We may see a freshman DB in a nickel situation and I think this return specialists from FL could be in on Kick Returns and Punt Returns. I also believe we will have a guy like Bobby Greenwood that will come in ready to play that nobody has really noticed. So in short, yes I think the freshman will have an important impact but I would not say a Huge impact.