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I'm not sure about that. I think we win by more than two scores, but Florida may not be an authentic championship yardstick.

Maybe not, but they are dangerous, and it's a road game with a very young offense. A big win here indicates more than likely a total team effort.

And beyond that, it would be 2 Top 15 wins in the first 3 weeks. With all the young players on offense and new OC. It would be a strong indication that Mercer was the exception (which historically it would seem to be anyway).

Ole Miss will be a challenge too, but it's at home, and they aren't as talented on D. It's a friendlier proposition for the team than at The Swamp

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Check back in after the Florida game. A win by 2 scores would indicate that this is a title contender Bama team.

I'm not sure about that, Florida is better than Miami, but
Maybe not, but they are dangerous, and it's a road game with a very young offense. A big win here indicates more than likely a total team effort.

And beyond that, it would be 2 Top 15 wins in the first 3 weeks. With all the young players on offense and new OC. It would be a strong indication that Mercer was the exception (which historically it would seem to be anyway).

Ole Miss will be a challenge too, but it's at home, and they aren't as talented on D. It's a friendlier proposition for the team than at The Swamp

I don't think Miami is a top 25 team after this weekend, and honestly I was pretty impressed with how the Ole Miss D flew around the other day.

But, I agree that it's way too early for proclamations. Let's wait until Thanksgiving.


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All this BS is what the 2020 team has done to the naysayers....
..donthave a receiver better than Smith...
..don't have a RB better than Najee
..dont havea QB better than Jones
..dont have a OL better than ...whoever..Leatherwood

but nfl teams dont either...thats why they are all starters in the nfl...

This team is new and growing...
May never see another offensive team like 2020......
May lose a game...or 2..or 3....
Or may not...i am betting on NOT


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Anyone questioning the Alabama team and in the next breath suggesting LSU is a possible loss is being disingenuous at best.

Alabama looked amazing vs a good team, and then looked disinterested and sloppy in a game where other great Bama teams have looked sloppy.

Check back in after the Florida game. A win by 2 scores would indicate that this is a title contender Bama team.
There's so much not taken into context when I read some of the opinions thrown around. But hell, to each his own and mine is not worth anymore than anothers.


How many know that the defense had eight calls against Mercer? Eight. Four out of regular, four out of nickel.

How much judgement can be placed on a defense that's "restricted" is a conversation.

Anyone watch how many were being dropped in passing sets? Mercer had eight, and they're still passing. (Third down conversion against Miami they had eight dropped and Bama dropped the ball. Third series, I belive.)

Context for a bit...all I'm sayin'


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I respect the honesty @Destiny's Child ! Gives us some real chatter here after a couple of games!

My take - If we are comparing to last year's team, yes this team is likely to come up short in a lot of areas. To keep in perspective though, last year's team completely dominated basically everyone (with the exception of that Ole Miss game), and it would appear that this year's opponents are also not stacking up to some of their former selves. So realistically, IMO - Even last year's team could have taken a step back and been a championship team. And this year there is even more room for error.

But in terms of position comparisons... If you compare to last year's team (one of, if not the best in CF history), yeah there are some groups that are definitely behind.

QB wise, Bryce is obviously going to be behind Mac. I do believe that Bryce has a HUGE upside if/when he develops his ability to run. Obviously there's a fine line when you're "the guy", but he can be a lethal threat when the play breaks down.

RB - Yeah, without Najee, there is a step back. BRob has impressed me with some subtle illusiveness before contact... He's done a nice job. But clearly he's just not the talent that Najee was, because that was a rare cat. I agree with you that the highest upside is with McLelan or Roydell, but Sanders may be a legit threat as a bell cow down the road too.

OL - Certainly some work to do here... The Owens to RT move was fairly surprising, which just means the staff likely prefers Dalcourt on the field over the RT options. If developing Latham is in the plans, I'm surprised they didn't take the opportunity to do it against Mercer. To me that means it may not be this year. Again - comparing to last year, yes, this group will struggle to meet that standard. But the one thing we've seen time and time again over the years is the OL groups almost always showing significant improvement throughout the season... So I'd expect to see that again, especially if they get healthy.

D - This group can and will be better than last year's IMO. Just from top to bottom it feels like more talent and depth. I see Henry as an absolute "alpha" and even more so than Moses... And an upgrade as a player as well. The DL appears to be even more disruptive between Young &. Mathis, and Anderson is ripe to have the best impact season we've seen in the Saban era. DB's are deep and experienced.... I'm a little concerned with the safeties ability to cover ground, but they're both experienced and aggressive. Should be fine there

Ultimately, if we compare this team to last year's team and last year's competition, there would be room for concern. But compared to the current competition and ability for some of these young guys to develop as the season goes on, there's a ton of room for upside. Looking back after that Ole Miss game last year it felt like the 'D' was going to be a mess... They improved so much over the course of the year, which is how I believe the offense may improve this year as Bryce gains experience with the OL and receivers.

Great convo from all, thanks for contributions. RTR!


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There are 4 possibilities in my opinion Florida this weekend. Ole Miss.. we don't have the offense to keep up in a shootout this year. Arkansas is Good on the line of scrimmage and tough(Awesome d coordinator). Auburn at Auburn always scares me especially with a young team.

My guess is we split these 4 maybe we lose Ole Miss and Arkansas. Would hate to lose to the boogs and a first year coach.
We’ll smoke Florida. Ole Miss isn’t scary. Arky is good compared to what they did to an overrated Texas? Auburn we beat. I mean we could lose a couple, but all of that based on two games? One of which was so vanilla in calling that there’s no way anybody can draw an opinion on how the team is going to be. But, we’re all entitled to our own opinion


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Remind me of this list when each game week comes, will ya? ;)

Starting with UF. I don't think you know a lot about this team to be speculating they'll pull a win out; even at home. I'll readily admit if I'm wrong.
I'm with you here, I could see Ole Miss if we play poorly and our offense just doesn't show up, but UF isn't really scaring me this week. LSU? what the heeck, definitely not a problem there. Arkansas is not a complete enough team to worry about. A&M look rough this year, I honestly think the Ole Miss game is the only truly scary one left. I also believe that Georgia in the SECCG could be a contest for nothing as both teams will be in the playoff even if one loses.


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Here is my two cents:

QB - BY has a strong arm and has shown it several times in the first two games. 247 has his arm strength as 8/10. He has incredible pocket presence and he is just as smart as Mac when it comes to football IQ. The only knock against him so far is that he doesn't have the touch on downfield throws that Mac or Tua had. He has overthrown some guys on go routes, but I think that will come as he gets more familiar with his receivers. He is definitely better than Jalen, and he might even be better than Tua. As for Mac, I think Mac might be the best QB to come out of Bama since Richard Todd.

RB - BR is a strong runner and loves contact. I think his main issue is his lack of vision and his burst. JM is a strong runner but he doesn't look comfortable just yet. TS is the most talented and has excellent vision and burst, but I think he is still feeling his way through the game. Keep in mind that this is effectively his freshman year. Do we have a bell cow back like Derrick or Najee? Time will tell.

OL - I agree that this area needs much improvement. But it takes time to gel when you have a bunch of new guys and your returners are playing new positions. I think the talent is there. They just need to improve. It seems to me that they struggled against Mercer because they were smaller and quicker than we are used to seeing. But that was a good test and should help them get better. They played great against Miami, with some exceptions. There were times against UM that BY had all day to throw. And the running game was fine against UM. Don't forget that in the second half when UM knew we were going to run the ball they were blitzing on every down. I look for the OL to get tougher and smarter, and be just as good as last year's unit.

Defense - This defense is hungry and nasty. If we stay healthy and keep # 3 off the field, this could be one of the best Saban has had. I hate that we lost Allen, but Sanders and Braswell have both played very well in his absence. And I like Banks and Kool Aid. They both played very well Saturday.

ST - Reichard missed a kick. I was shocked. LOL But he's still excellent. Can we send Bursnip back to Aussie for some refresher courses? Why isn't that kid from Troy getting a shot? Return game is adequate.

Bottom line: there's only two teams in the SEC West with a legitimate shot at beating Bama. Ole Miss and the Aggies. I tend to think that Bama will be fired up for Ole Miss because of last year, and it is in our house. And I don't know how good the Aggies really are because they have not played anyone yet. And I still believe that it would take a miracle for an assistant to beat Saban. He takes that personally.


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All of this chatter to say what Saban has been saying, we are inconsistent on offense especially run blocking. Oh and the people around Young have to play well. Saban has been transparent all along. None of this is surprising especially since the OL had nagging injuries throughout fall camp and were never able to work together as a unit.

I will go back to what I stated in my earlier post, we win games by 15 instead of 30. Games will still be double digit wins and but not as good as last years team on offense. Generational offense so this is/was expected.

I am encouraged by our D which I feel will ultimately offset the drop from the offense.


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Sample size is way too small to be making such predictions of “10-2 or potential for losing to these 4 or 5 teams!”

QB play- BY is the real deal, whether he is 5’9” or taller isn’t a concern. He has the arm strength, but I will say this, Coach Homer Smith used to tell his QBs that he didn’t really care how strong our arm was, it’s all about timing! If the throw is longer than 42 yards, we waited too late to throw it.
BYs under throws show just that. He can run, but he does an excellent job of extending a play while keeping his eyes up and downfield instead of bailing after the first read.​

RB- while there isn’t a Najee in the room, we have a damn deep stable where each provides something a little different. I’ll take a deep room every time.

WR- basically the same conversation in ‘17 with a bunch of unproven guys. That turned out well. This year though, we have a proven commodity in Metchie, who is actually 100% this fall. A lot of young guys are only getting better with reps.

OL- been said but bears repeating, our OL is never full bore and clicking after 2 games. This bunch isn’t ‘20 group and will likely see some changes by game 5-6 IMHO. Owens is a leader and while he isn’t the best RT, you have to have him on the field. Could you see Cohen move out and Owens in? Maybe! Does Latham work in to the RT slot and Owens move Dalcourt out? Possibly!

Defense- Will Anderson is your Alpha dog on D!! I would probably put C Harris, Henry T, and Battle right there behind him.

Are they invincible? No! They can be beaten. Go to the Barn and play lackadaisical like Mercer and a L is very possible. I say the Barn first because of all of that Barner voodoo bullshit. UF and A&M don’t really know if they can win deep inside.
Sit back and enjoy the ride and let’s see where things end up come December.
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With few exceptions this offensive team is Bama's 2nd string from last year. Need for some folks to step forward and claim their spots in Bama Lore. Grantham might try and take away anything deep and make Bryce show patience and take the underneath routes.

This weekend will help me understand if we can measure up with Georgia's defense. They blitzed the heck out of Clemson and DJ had no time to throw or be patient. I expect Florida to try and do something very similar. Hopefully Bryce has the chance to be patient.

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So after watching each game several times and looking at Saban's reactions.. I think we are going to struggle to go 10-2. Our issues are in very key places this year and I believe much of it is due to players heading to the NFL but some it is players not playing to potential.

Qb - he is just not anywhere near what we have had. Seems like a great kid and I believe he is working hard but he isn't a vocal leader, his arm strength is weak and he is 5'9. If he had last years o-line we could hide him some but we don't

RB's - no dominant rb's. I love Sanders and his story, love Brian Robinsons leadership but he truly isn't dynamic. The other two have potential but aren't manning up yet and some of that falls on the o-line

OL - is not a strength. If Chris Owens is our best RT were are in serious trouble. Besides for Left tackle and LG we are struggling with assignments and just pushing people of the ball. We recruited 5 stars at OL for the last several years and all of them are holding a helmet on the sideline. Are we missing in recruiting or are we not developing them?

The defense has talent if we can stay healthy but I wonder who the true leaders of this team are? I dont see the same interaction on the sidelines.. it's like someone gave out Zoloft milkshakes to everyone.. no fire or interaction with teammates.

Saban's comments seem to be warning everyone to temper expectations and that this team still isn't buying into the process.

Now saying all this.. I hope they prove me wrong or improve and come together but right now just looking objectively we have a lot more issues than we have solutions. Another thing in our favor is that in my eyes everyone else in the SEC is down a this year too except for maybe Georgia, Kentucky and Arkansas They look very similar to last year.

Wow, what QB have you been watching? Clearly someone else - unless our guy shrunk. He is extremely talented and highly composed especially considering it's only his second start. Oh and he is listed at 6'0" on our roster and 247 had him at 5'11" in the scouting report. Did he somehow shrink at least two inches? You're saying he is Flutie sized.
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