| LIFE Hey guys, I'm back... Sort of... Hopefully.

Sgt. Lincoln Osiris

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Many of you may remember my request for prayers over a major life event, about a year or so ago.

My world was rocked. Some of you that DM'ed me know the deeper details.

God is still moving in that situation, but it's a Process (Man, I love Coach Saban šŸ˜) . Through this turmoil, I realized that maybe the reason these things happened like they did is because I was being bone-headed, running from God. As I'm still encountering some lingering warfare, the question must be asked: Is God punishing me for my years of Jonah-esque rebellion? Hardly. God IS a just God, sure.

But he is also merciful and loving. No greater example of this than the parable of the Prodigal son that Jesus taught in Luke 15. I am certain that these things... I brought upon myself by taking myself out from under God's hand of Grace.

Those of you Vets on here may remember some of my drunken rants in In-game threads. While I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with alcohol from a biblical/moral/Christian perspective (don't @ me-Jesus DID in fact turn water into FERMENTED wine for his first-ever miracle), I believe everything can be handled much better in moderation. And I was anything BUT moderate during those times... Lol. So, for that, I do apologize.

But, I was also in a much different place then.

Throughout my journey back to my metaphorical Nineveh the last year, a lot has taken place. A lot that was dormant inside of me. A lot that I had placed on a high shelf out of sight because of hurt that I'd endured. In the last couple of months of this journey, I felt like God also laid on my heart to start an online ministry, along with unlocking some of those dormant gifts that I'd thought had passed me by.

Below is my testimony, in a Vlog format.

I'm still and will always be Sarge, just now I'm the "redeemed" version. I'll still make mistakes, and may get a little too fired up over football at times. But, I'm just an average dude that still has life in these 40-year-old bones that maybe God can use, if he sees fit.

I hope this encourages you in some way.

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