| LIFE Hey autophiles! Here's a view from "Back In The Day" of an old K-Mart parking lot circa mid 70's. How many of these cars can you identify?

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Oct 13, 2004
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I posted this on the Dabo thread when the discussion went to corvettes, but it probably belongs here:

I bought a '77 C3 from a lady in Vestavia in 2007, did a little work to it and made it my daily driver for 75,000 miles over three years. It was the last year of the flat back window. It was fun, and a big change from the '72 Chevy stepside I'd restored and driven 75,000 miles the preceding three years.

I love old cars, in general I'm a Chevy guy, but my only classic car I have now is a '65 Mustang. I've had it for 24 years, will probably have it from here on out. 289, A-code engine, Rally-pac with tach and clock on the column and rally mags and a spare in the trunk. Power steering, and manual front disc brakes, which were a pretty rare option.

Here's a photo from when I had them both, and another of the stepside



I actually miss the pickup more than the C3. Prices for those trucks have gone through the roof.



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