| FTBL He took a year off of football because of Covid and forgot how to catch the football.


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I definitely prefer the college ball as it has more character with the white stripes, but who didn't grow up with multiple footballs in the more NFL mold with no stripes. Sounds like an excuse from what was said to be an elite once in a generation receiver. Hence why I hate that term.


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20 years ago I would have said something like you can’t make this stuff up. Today … whining, excuse giving, blaming others and acting as a perpetual victim have made what was once inconceivable commonplace.


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He now says he didn't say he couldn't catch it, just comparing the balls in college and the NFL. I will note that all of this happened within a discussion about his inability to catch the ball this year. His own words

"I don't want to blame it on me sitting on my butt the whole year, but it probably had something to do with it, of course," Chase said. "There's a bigger ball adjustment, so I don't want to make excuses but I've just got to be a pro and make the catch."

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