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Anybody catch the HBO special
75 minute HBO special

took place mostly in nicks pool room and his office some practice field
and covered both their histories 137D9BF1-60E4-4EED-9A94-80EB04909B1F.jpegA34C2024-1BE6-4E38-B81E-F39314E9CDE9.jpeg
Just a lot of these 2 as friends and coaches Lots of football talk

worse part was "kick 6" and blow out loss to Clemson

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Might be. I just saw it....on HBO
Still worth watching if one hasnt

...I just watched it for the first time a few weeks ago.

According to IMDB it was released December 2019.

ok... wasn't sure if there was a new one out. I saw that one back when it was released. Even my wife (FSU grad and fan) liked it.

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