| FTBL Goodyear Blimp Celebrates 150th Anniversary of College Football - Airbnb at hangar for $150/night


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Sep 5, 2006
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Brilliant idea!

The Blimp, which later this year will become the first non-player or coach to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, began providing aerial game coverage in 1955 and since then has soared above marquee sports and entertainment events more than 2,000 times since. And while fans are no strangers to the big blue and gold Blimp, this marks the first time they’ll be allowed to stay overnight inside the gondola.

The stay is hosted by Goodyear Chief Pilot Jerry Hissem, who will welcome guests to the Blimp’s house – aka its hangar. Each overnight is priced at $150 a night (plus taxes and fees), celebrating the 150th anniversary of college football. The nostalgic-inspired stay for two guests comes complete with all the must-haves for any college football fan:

● Access to the Goodyear hangar, which is the size of 2.6 football fields and home to the Blimp

● Football lounge where guests can relax and watch some of the all-time best rivalry games in college football history

● Lakefront spot with a grill, fire pit, cornhole, and other tailgate essentials, perfect for taking in views of the sunset and maybe even the resident bald eagles soaring by

● Prime tickets to the college football rivalry game in Ann Arbor, MI, on October 26, and official gear to show your pride

● Space for up to four friends to join in the revelry before the two guests retire to the cozy gondola of the Blimp

Read more https://press.airbnb.com/a-touchdown-stay-in-the-goodyear-blimp-on-airbnb/


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Oct 16, 2004
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I wouldn't mind flying it it!

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