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Sep 5, 2006
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Sharing in the event any of you find this helpful in the future :)

A few weeks ago both garage door openers broke within 2 days of each other, both are from ~2003.

The coupler that connects the garage door opener to the screw drive in the rail failed. A single coupler is ~$6 shipped and takes about 5 mins to replace.

After replacing the coupler, I had a new problem where the trolley was in the wrong spot on the rail. Meaning the garage door opener doesn't know where the stop and start spots are. My trolley was in the middle of the rail. Adjusting the up/down limits on the outside didn't help.

So I took the opener apart and had to reset it. Details on the white screws pictured below. The top white screw controls how far the garage door opens, the middle is where the trolley is on the rail, and the bottom screw controls where the door stops. It's a simple design - the middle screw has an electrical contact on it that either touches the top or bottom contacts to tell it where to stop.

So I unscrewed the top and bottom screws to the maximum they'd go, then set them to their default position of 8 full turns each. Then took the gear off the middle screw so that I could reset where system believes the trolley to be.


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