| PRO Former NFL head coach, June Jones, says Trevor Lawrence is not his favorite QB prospect in the 2021 NFL draft.

Jul 28, 2015
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Charlie Weis likes what he has seen from Mac Jones...

Charlie Weis raves about Mac Jones as potential Patriots QB of future - New England Patriots- ESPN

Jones' athleticism isn't at the same level as other top prospects. But Weis, who highlighted how Jones has been coached by Nick Saban, one of Bill Belichick's closest friends, believes his positive attributes outweigh potential concern.

"If you're looking for a guy that's going to be running for 30 yards on a regular basis, that's not your guy. But he can move in the pocket, and from the pocket, and run the ball when he absolutely needs to.

"When you talk about Trevor Lawrence, what makes him so special is that he can do everything Mac Jones can and he's athletic. [Justin] Fields, really good player. Zach Wilson, really good player. The kid from North Dakota State [Trey Lance], really good player.

"But this guy, [Jones], he's the one making all the plays. All he does is win and throw completions."

Weis made a comparison to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees when he was coming out of Purdue in 2001.

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