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Florida has fired coach Dan Mullen on Sunday as the Gators fell to 2-6 in SEC play, their worst conference winning percentage in a season since 1979, according to multiple media reports. It was a dramatic fall for Mullen, who led Florida to the SEC Championship Game and a third straight New Year's Six bowl appearance last season.

Dude was elevated past where he should be and now he has gotta come back down.

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Just saw this. I'm just...just...


His mental shitter has been overflowing for a while.


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He was an over rated coach. Wish UF would have kept him. Like with several other programs in this conference, they might mess around and stumble across a good one eventually. Maybe in the east they could use another program or two to make it harder on the puppies.

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He’s got a good thing going at Ole Miss and I honestly think it’s a better job than the UF position.
Agreed, somewhere down the line if you want to coach for a long time in the big league, even if its Ole Miss, you just stay. Why leave when a program is not gonna get rid of you as long as you do decent enough. Mullen would still be at State if he stayed.


He’s got a good thing going at Ole Miss and I honestly think it’s a better job than the UF position.
He’s losing “his guy” in Corral to the NFL, refuses to recruit in-state kids, and it’s been reported he’s trying to find a way back to the state of Florida. Originally linked to Miami, but I think UF is far better job than that or Ole Miss. besides UGA, there’s no one else to worry about in the East. Far easier to recruit at UF than at Ole Miss. Better facilities and bigger pockets as well.

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The thing about Lane is, all these AD's and folks behind the scenes know the issues he brings with him. It's not a gamble most would be willing to consider, IMO. A place like Miami? Maybe. A place like UF that's built to win now and just needs someone who is willing to recruit at a high level and then not screw it up? I'd be really surprised if they looked Kiffin's way.


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I heard Mullen say he'd met with Strickland last week and they discussed things like assistant coaches and the like. Here's where common sense takes me on that meeting.

Strickland asked Mullen what his plan was: Mullen's answer last week didn't work with Strickland.
Makes sense. You think Saban would call
him? I don’t want him to, but just curious
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