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First let me say that if you believe ANYTHING from federal law enforcement or intelligence you may be a socialist dupe or just too dumb to be trusted with sharp objects. The top brass in the military is no better than the military arm of any politburo in any red country.



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Morss’ militia to-do list included preparations like “Ambush” and “Battle Drills,” according to documents published in the report.
Doesn't the military do the exact same thing? They prepare for battle by doing drills and going through target practice and keeping their skills sharp. So it's wrong/illegal for someone NOT in the military to do the exact same thing?

The government is NOT there to help us. They are there to step on our necks and keep us in a submissive position for as long as possible. Yes, they were elected by us. But as they say.....Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And they hold absolute power.

The reason for the protest (not insurrection or riot or whatever hot-button word they want to use) was to let the government know that they are not, in fact, the ones in control. There are way more citizens than there are elected officials in D.C. And they need to be told (and shown) that from time to time. If it takes a little bit of sting to do so, then so be it. But if they think they can just stomp and stomp and stomp without remorse or judgement or consequence, then they need to re-evaluate their lives and their jobs.

The FBI is railroading someone over some damn Lego blocks. So what if it was of the Capitol building. And so what if he wore tactical gear. Cops, DEA agents, FBI agents, DHS agents, and many other local, state, and federal agencies wear tactical gear when they're going into a situation where their lives might be on the line. Hell, I have tactical gear. Know what it's for? It's for when the wolves come calling. Because I don't plan to go quietly. And so what if he made lists. Those lists didn't say "Burn. Loot. Murder. Destroy. etc.) He is being railroaded for no reason and it's an absolute travesty that in this country something like that can happen.
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