| LIFE Explain to me how laying a $ bill on the counter at a store is disrespectful to the cashier?


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I never have heard of this. I just look it up and I guess it is in someway?
I didn't bother looking it up.

Surprisingly, I said something on the way out. Just asked. Paraphrasing, "how is it disrespectful?"

Life Pro Tip:

"If you run into an asshole in the morning the chances are just just ran into an asshole. If you run into asshole's all day long, you're the asshole."

Damn, I run into my share but never all day long. (In a moment of clarity.) I do tend to be observant of everyone around me; perhaps I just notice them.

Still...makes no sense to me.


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"I also worked in retail and have endured the rudeness of customers laying or throwing their money on the counter to be picked up by the salesperson. However, they always have their hands out to receive their change into their hands.

"Wouldn't they feel insulted if we, in turn, tossed their change on the counter for them to gather up like birdseedfi People of different ethnic origins sometimes feel that it is a direct insult to them, like they are afraid to touch the clerk's hand. Everyone should practice handing the money to the person collecting as they would like to be handed their change." -- Arizona Salesperson


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Search for it online. You will find nothing but people complaining that it is rude/disrespectful. Like most of the new internet sins, it was more than likely not a huge thing until one person complained and it started spreading. Now it is almost a mortal sin, but like buying Indulgences from the Catholic Church, for the right amount extra they will not say a word.
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