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Too bad politicians think it's bad owning up to their mistakes. They always have some excuse for the choice they made.

Having said that, imagine what it will be like for this current generation going into politics where your social media presences has already been cataloged and stored on the interwebz. /trainwreck/


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And her excuse is "my grandma said I have high cheekbones".

Too bad Harvard is a private school and not bound to FOIA. We all know she milked her fake heritage for all kinds of scholarships. Her Harvard application would only confirm what we already know.

1/1024 "Native American". Pfft. Bitch, please.

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Anyone born and raised in America is a native American. Then everyone says that they are original peope. Bullshit! So called native Americans are descendants of Asiatic people immigrating across the Bering Straits. They fucking stole the land from some Neanderthals. Find some Neanderthals and give them preferred status.

na·tive | \ ˈnā-tiv \
Definition of native
(Entry 1 of 2)
1: INBORN, INNATE native talents
2: belonging to a particular place by birth a native New Yorker
3archaic : closely related
4: belonging to or associated with one by birthhailed in his native Sweden as an influential dramatist— William Peden
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