| MBB/WBB Does he have a point? “I thought this was my house! They should know who the hell I am!” - Ewing on The Garden


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This morning I heard SVP say "how do you not recognize a 7', 300lbs man? In Madison Square Garden.?"

I agree with you here for sure. Hard to not get an idea of who he may be at that size and then not recognize once up close. That being said, nothing wrong with someone doing their job and checking folks security wise. Ewing gets assaulted by someone else he thinks twice about being questioned. Hard to believe he isn't recognized, but he also needs to quit being a bitch and follow the same rules as everyone else.


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Met him back in the early 2000s in Boston, think he was there interviewing for a job.

I watched alot of Knicks basketball in the 90s. He's a big dude, I'm 6'4"

Dare I say that was Jordan's house...

I was never a bulls fan. Knicks and Pistons are my kinda team.

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Dating my self but I thought the Garden was the house of Willis, Reed, Dave Debusher, Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe and Red Holtzman. Yes, Patrick Ewing played in the Garden but he never brought a championship home while in the NBA. He is no different than anyone else, show your ID/Pass.


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Some think they are better than system...
Person checking passes told to check everyone...probably...

did his job...

People ...doing their job...and some are offended....dont think they have to comply...
Good way to get yourself killed...


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Never had any use for Ewing after BAMA hammered his ass, specifically Bobby Lee Hurt in a game in 1982 that featured Hurt dunking on Ewing twice and BAMA smacking the Hoyas. Ewing was quoted after the game saying, "every dog has his day". Whatever dude. Bobby and the Tide owned your ass that night. Loved that BAMA team, by the way, with Buck Johnson and Ennis Whatley.
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