| HOW TO do Wordle? There's the proper use of a prefix. How many have tried the game Wordle?


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How was your Wordle today? Mine was rough, to say the least.

Wordle — a once-a-day guessing game that asks users to identify a five-letter word in six tries — has taken the internet by storm since creator Josh Wardle's personal gift to his partner went public late last year. Now, people are finding their Twitter timelines filled with black, gold and green emojis as users share their winning (or losing) scores.

The premise is simple: players have six tries to guess a five-letter word. If they select a letter in the word in its correct spot, the letter will turn green. If they select a letter in the word, but it's in the wrong spot, the letter will turn yellow. If they select a letter that doesn't appear in the word at all, it will turn gray.

After six tries, the game reveals users' results and gives them option to share their emoji-filled messages on social media. It also alerts them to when the next game will be posted.

Seems easy, right? Well, not always.

The game, which has spawned several Twitter and Reddit threads on the best strategies for winning each day, has become its own sub-community on social media in recent weeks. On Nov. 1, just 90 people played. On New Year's Day, Wordle had over 300,000 users, and it seems to be growing.


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I've seen people refer to the game for a few weeks now...decided to find out what the hell they were talking about today.

Neat concept. Great brain twister.


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That's a pretty good growth rate.
I have a theory as to why.
I know I'm tired of seeing people constantly post their daily results on Twitter. It's worse than, "hey, let me tell you about my fantasy football results!" guy.
There's two things I've noticed about seeing other peoples results.

It's so simple, how they do their emojis, but it tells a story each time. Look at yesterday's where mine was all green on the first line. If you saw that you knew I was lucky! If you see someone with a little yellow and a lot of gray on the fourth and fifth line you know they were struggling.

Going right along with that when you see others results and how long it took for them to get their vowels, get them in the right order, and on down the line: that emoji telling a story. It's a quick recap of how they solved it versus just seeing a timed event, or a high score.


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Just tried it.

Reminds me of Solve a Cypher...good to wake up your brain in the morning.
Except you can do Solve a Cypher as many times as you like without waiting. And, it's not just one word. It's an entire sentence.

Got Wordle in 5 tries the first time. Second time I went to settings and put in "hard" mode and got it in 4. Not sure what "hard" mode does. Says it forces you to use previous clues - but I assume you'd be doing that anyway. I mean, why would you ignore the clues?

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