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Pfizer's revenue doubled in 2021 compared to the previous 2 years.

The additional $15B in funding to Pfizer and Moderna was removed from the spending bill last week. This was in addition to what's was spent in 2021. This additional funding will be tied to another spending bill, these clowns know now to play the game, they'll get this funding in another spending bill.

Pfizer is expecting revenue from Covid vaccinations in 2022 to be $54B ($32B in shots, $22B in Plaxlovid pill) and a total revenue of $98B-$102B in 2022.

Covid business is good business.
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Link? I only ask because searching for those numbers doesn't find one. I see the $81 billion but not the $22.4 billion. I see a net income number of $21.9 billion, which is nowhere near profit of $22.4 billion.
Half a billion here and there. I used straight net income, net income after extraordinary items was 21.98 billion. The attached Barron's page includes financials. If you look, their gross revenues had been declining, if I remember correctly because some of their flagship meds were coming off patent, can't remember which ones. The amazing thing about the revenue growth is that they are splitting all revenues on COVID equally with a European partner, so total revenues would've been far more had they not been allocated between two companies.

Financial statement analysis gives you a bit of a roadmap. Although their revenues doubled, their Cost of Goods Sold - COGS (cost to develop, manufacture or purchase inventory) tripled, meaning they had to pull out the stops to get the vaccine to market and they weren't as efficient, financially, as they've historically been.

I needed a summer course between my junior and senior year to graduate in four years, and I had the business classes I wanted to take at Montevallo already teed up to go for the Fall/Spring, so I took one course at UAB, Financial Statement Analysis. It was taught by an old partner at Ernst & Whinney, one of the old "Big 8" firms. It was a perfect course to lay the groundwork for the lingo of financial analysis (a finance equivalent to a pre-med anatomy), and how to move from financial statements to cash flow. It's one of the few textbooks I still have.

EDIT: With all of the non-cash items affecting net income, it's important to remember that it's cash that keeps a company on its feet. Just ask GE. In that textbook of a mine, there was a poem fashioned after The Raven, called "Watch Cash Flow".




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I don't keep up with the NBA too closely. Are the Nets and/or the Knicks in playoff contention?
Had to look it up. The top 10 teams in each division go to the playoffs. Numbers 7-10 in each division go into the first round Playin Tournament. The Knicks are #11 and the Nets are #8 right now in their division. There are only like 9 games left so they could both make it. I think this has more to do with Baseball than Basketball though.

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"Just before Paul Bauer’s Southwest Airlines flight to Sacramento took off from Phoenix, the pilot said that he had received word from the airline that masks were optional. Some passengers clapped, and a flight attendant walked up and down the aisle with a garbage bag to collect masks, Mr. Bauer said."
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