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JMO….COVID vaccinations will become the new yearly flu shot…medical corporations can’t make the money from the flu vaccines like they use too…gotta have something to fill that void…got this from an RN…may have been full of shit or may not…but my JMO leans towards believing her. I’ve never had a flu shot…had the flu only a couple of times I can recall and COVID once…still here…ain’t bragging about it, just stating a fact. Both suck and both kill, also a fact.


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I'm just interested to see if and for how long, school systems will be shut down. Talking to a couple of teachers in the north Alabama area, they all seem to think that virtual learning will be happening again.


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An actual national lockdown is what a group of prominent American health professionals advocated in July, in an open letter, screaming for the government to “shut it down, start over, do it right.” However, in practice, what are the chances a national lockdown would succeed? It would not only require every governor to be 100% sold and on board with this, but to implement and enforce the policy as well, which I cannot even begin to imagine happening. We have come a long way since March 2020, for fuck sake. We don't need a blanket lockdown.


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@TerryP that tweet doesn't reach many people. Sheeples
Most Americans don't tweet

I quit Twitter when they banned the president
I look at Twitter in the same light as I do articles from AL.com. You'll see a lot that will say "I won't give AL.com the clicks" when discussing articles. What's a click going to matter? While Twitter doesn't reflect but a small section of society it's still a go to for the latest news: it hits Twitter long before the regular news outlets. In a sense, it's on the same level as a lot of your message forums like this one: the news hits here before you see it on AL.com, or your ESPN's.


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I am not going to attempt to sway anyone any longer with anything that I’ve read or watched. If I get it, I’ll raise hell for other treatments or take my chances but I will not get jabbed.
I hope you don't think I was trying to get anyone to get jabbed. I think it up to the the person to do what is right to them.


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I've had a heat stroke about 2 years ago and most of those symptoms I deal with every day except for loss of smell. I had to exercise a lot to get back to normal walking
Still shakey some mornings but I did get the jab. My doctor said if I have the jab and get covid I should have easier time with it.
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