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Due to my MIL living with us and having COPD, everyone in the house has done the Pfizer shots already. MIL had side effects both times although it is impossible to tell if they were really from the shot or just her thinking she should have gotten them so she had them (she is extremely easy to fall for suggestion and the placebo effect, even getting effects she read about for medications she doesn't take when she gets confused about what she has read). My wife was mostly down the day after her second shot, mainly hurting with fatigue and general flu-like symptoms. My daughter was down with the same most of the weekend after her second one. I had a horrible bruise for about 2 weeks at the injection site and my arm that I got the shot in was painful for a few days after the second shot but nothing else really. Oldest daughter did Moderna and had some bad pain in the arm for her first shot. Her second is next week. I really wanted the J&J but at the time we were sent for ours it was not even out for approval yet.


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This is loaded ...

First of all, I had no idea so many wept when they received their second shot. But here's the kicker ...

"... I was to not experience this body’s response to a COVID infection."

Which is defined as ...

"surreal pain, chills, & joint swelling."


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Wonder where the "My body, My choice" movement people stand on this issue? :unsure:

Some folks are so married to their political party (and their extreme views) that they'll use every ounce of energy they have to move the goalpost as far as they need to make themselves feel better. I've already seen it happen with the very thing you mentioned.


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Christine Brennan is calling for the cancellation of football season...again....saying "maybe this time, the schools will listen" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: What a goofy douche bag!! I guess fellow douche bags Herbstreit and Fowler will soon follow


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